The concept

We do not sell merely infrared heating systems - We provided an energy concept !

Contrary to other infrared heating systems, our products do not only consist of panel heaters and thermostats; they integrate a multitude of components with which you can build your very own heating system.

For instance, you can supplement your heating system with a radio-controlled window sensor; this enables your heating system to detect if a window was opened and independently lowers the temperature or only actively emit heat when you are in the room with our PresenceControl. The numerous different options for our energy concept enable energy-efficient heating.

All control components are controlled completely via wireless radio control; you do not need to lay any cables or worry about any dangerous tripping hazards if you plan on upgrading your heating system - it’s easy and can be done at any time!

Our intelligent control engineering with a precise control system distinguishes our overall system and makes it an energy-saving, individual energy scheme, which you can design according to your needs at any time! Versatile design options in combination with lighting, colour and quality additionally round off our unique heating system!

Technical Principles

Differences between infrared heaters and convection heaters

Convection heater

A conventional heating system heats your home by heating the air.

The warm air rises and circulates. This process causes the room air to rotate and in doing so, distributes the heat. A side effect of this technology is the swirling of the air, which ultimately also leads to dust and pollen being blown around the room. Furthermore, considerable differences in temperature between the ceiling and floor can be measured.

Therefore, the heat cannot be evenly distributed throughout the room and it takes a long time until we feel the pleasant warmth on our bodies.

Our infrared heaters

The particular characteristic about infrared heaters is that they do not heat the air but the room itself. This is because infrared heaters work according to the same principle as the sun. Let's go outside and take a look around - trees, meadows, animals, even we ourselves absorb heat.

It's the same in the room we want to heat, the walls, ceiling, furniture - they all absorb the heat from our infrared heaters and also slowly emit it again. This creates a pleasant, natural warmth, which we already know from the sun.

But that’s not all - the air humidity in your room also remains constant. Therefore, there is a considerably lower risk of mold or mildew formation and the room climate is particularly pleasant for those with allergies or asthma. And of course, for your plants as well.


Exceptional lifespan

Thanks to the finest german engineering and patented technologies, our infrared panels typically provide an expected lifespan of 30 years.

Infrared Heating Panel Warranty

Every Infrared Heating Panel sold by VIPHeating is protected by our manufacturer's 10 years warranty on all infrared emission components.

Electronic Parts Warranty

The Electronic Parts of Infrared Heating Panels sold by VIPHeating are protected by our manufacturer's 2 years warranty.

Common Applications

At Home

Any home can benefit from our infrared heaters. The infrared heat emission of our panels takes less than 10 minutes to reach the preset power, therefore there is no need to start to heat cold spaces days before their effective use. Additionally, even before the walls and surfaces of the room reach the desired temperature, any person standing in the direct path of the FIR waves will instantaneously experience a comfortable warmth sensation.

In Hospitals

Infrared heating systems installed on the ceiling are selective temperature transmitters with the desired heat for the workplace in an operating theatre. Contrary to normal heating systems (convection heating systems), the circulation of bacteria and dust is merely minimal or even totally eliminated. This decreases risk for persons with allergies. The same applies to children’s wards and intensive care units.

In Offices

Our infrared heating systems are ideal for your offices, quickly installed, energy-efficient and can be used exactly where they are needed. On the wall or ceiling and upon request with a stand (flexible locations without mounting).


The same amount of heat is not required in the different areas of production and assembly halls and warehousing facilities. It is usually sufficient to concentrate on a comfortable working temperature at specific locations, e.g. above the cutting table, at the lathe, milling machine, the punching table and in the break rooms. Conventional hot air blowers require a significant amount of energy, since the heated air quickly cools off again on its way through the ceiling ducts. An additional "heat intensity loss due to scattering" also arises at the delivery ports. On the other hand, our infrared heaters can be used directly where they are needed. Furthermore, the heat loss is considerably lower because the infrared radiation heats the surrounding solid matter - your furniture, walls, ceilings and your own body. If a work station is relocated, the infrared heating system can be taken along without any problems.

Wholesale and retail trade

For the passersby it is surely nice to warm up briefly in the hot air emitted from the entrance air blowers during cold seasons. If anything, the owners of shoe stores, clothing stores, jewellery stores, perfume stores, etc. grudgingly accept their energy costs being literally blown out the window. Our infrared heaters installed in the right place precisely heat those areas in a pleasant manner, which make a difference: near the customers and your items for sale. Furnished with elegant motifs, they blend into the rest of your showroom’s decorations.

Health spas & Hot Yoga

Our infrared heaters can be used to harmonize body and soul. Although you cannot see the infrared heat waves, you can most certainly feel them. This extremely pleasant warmth gives you the feeling like you are lying in the sun of a wonderful spring day.